Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spirit is the prettiest ;-)

Yesterday I found out that Spirit (a.k.a. Fifty Proof) is AQHA's

2008 International High Point Performance Halter Gelding!

What an honour!

Spirit and me say a BIG "Hi" to all the people that ever told me he was not a pretty horse!
(And that's a lot of people!)

What I also found out while doing my research is that he is Lad's 50 s 5th highest money earning grandson. If you add the NRHA Germany earnings he is the highest money earning grandson. (inofficial of course, but still...)

So lets hope that his little sibling (which still resides in Carol's big belly by the way) is at least as successful as his eldest brother and is going to have a heart as big as Spirit's!