Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spirit is the prettiest ;-)

Yesterday I found out that Spirit (a.k.a. Fifty Proof) is AQHA's

2008 International High Point Performance Halter Gelding!

What an honour!

Spirit and me say a BIG "Hi" to all the people that ever told me he was not a pretty horse!
(And that's a lot of people!)

What I also found out while doing my research is that he is Lad's 50 s 5th highest money earning grandson. If you add the NRHA Germany earnings he is the highest money earning grandson. (inofficial of course, but still...)

So lets hope that his little sibling (which still resides in Carol's big belly by the way) is at least as successful as his eldest brother and is going to have a heart as big as Spirit's!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Still waiting...

Hm... Yesterday I visited Carol and it does not look like she is going to give birth very soon. Our vet told me that he thinks that it is going to take at least another week. Carol must be waiting for warmer temperatures. If that is true the baby's birthday is going to be some time in May - or June, who knows...

Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Whizin Spider

The Whizin Spider

Topsail Whiz x Fancy Freckles Girl by Freckles Playboy

2006 Sorrel American Quarter Horse Gelding

ARHA Non Pro Futurity Champion 2009! (I am so proud of him!)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Fifty Proof

Fifty Proof

Doc Per x Carol Mac Berry by Lad's 50

1995 Red Roan American Quarter Horse Gelding

current NRHA USA lifetime earnings $ 11,436.03

current NRHA Germany lifetime earnings € 7,755.89

Multiple Bronze Trophy Champion

2006 NRHA affiliate European Intermediate Non Pro Champion

2007 NRHA affiliate European Intermediate Non Pro Champion

2008 Performance Halter World Show Qualifier

2008 Intl. High Point Horse Performance Halter Gelding

Retired due injury in 2009. Now he is happy in Styria.

Carol Mac Berry

Carol Mac Berry

Lad´s 50 x Otter Run April by Dun Berry

1986 Red Roan American Quarter Horse Mare

NRHA USA lifetime earnings $ 326.02


1995 Red Roan Gelding: Fifty Proof by Doc Per,
1997 Red Roan Gelding: The Big Fifty by Little Big Boss,
1998 Sorrel Gelding: Slidemetothefifties by Little Big Boss,
1999 Sorrel Gelding: Lads Bosswork by Little Big Boss,
2000 Red Roan Stallion: The Roling Boss by Little Big Boss,
2001 Bay Mare: Fifties Flit Fritzy by JFL Offenbach,
2003 Sorrel Stallion: FR Lads Olena by Doc Tivio Higgins,
2005 Sorrel Mare: Lads Bossalina by Little Big Boss,
2007 Sorrel Mare: Fifty Times A Lady by Little Big Boss,
2009 Palomino Mare: Fifty Little Steps by Wimpys Little Step